【Hakuba Japan Sauna】Top 5 Must-Visit Saunas in Hakuba Village

Hello everyone,

When you’re in need of relaxation and healing, what do you do?

There are various methods such as “spending time with pets, getting enough sleep, engaging in exercise,” but the most recommended one is to “travel.”

Traveling exposes you to new environments, scenery, and cuisine, providing enriching experiences for the mind.

This time, let me introduce you to the perfect destination for relaxation: “Hakuba Village.”

Hakuba Village is a village located in the northern part of Nagano Prefecture.

It’s a naturally rich area surrounded by the mountains of the Northern Alps, where you can enjoy winter sports like skiing and snowboarding, as well as outdoor activities like trekking and mountain climbing.

Among the various attractions in Hakuba Village, this time we’ll focus on recommending sauna spots.

Experiencing a sauna in the midst of nature is truly special.

Please consider this for your travel plans.

“Reasons why entering a sauna in Hakuba Village is the best”

There are several reasons why entering a sauna in Hakuba Village is the best.

Firstly, Hakuba Village is located in a naturally abundant area. When entering the sauna, you can relax amidst its beautiful nature. Surrounded by mountains and forests, you will find solace and rejuvenation for both your mind and body.

Moreover, Hakuba Village offers various types of saunas. From traditional wooden saunas to modern facilities, there are different styles to suit your preferences, allowing you to relax at your desired ambiance and temperature.

Additionally, sauna facilities in Hakuba Village are well-equipped and maintained, providing a clean and comfortable environment. Some places also offer spacious relaxation areas, outdoor baths, and pools, allowing you to enjoy more than just the sauna experience.

Lastly, the refreshing sensation and rejuvenating effects after the sauna session are also appealing. The combination of Hakuba Village’s natural surroundings and sauna creates an ideal environment for promoting overall health, relieving stress, and alleviating fatigue.”

Entering a sauna in Hakuba Village allows you to experience a sense of unity with nature.

Hakuba Village is a naturally abundant village located at the foot of the Japanese Alps. From sauna facilities, you can enjoy views of majestic mountains and scenic spots such as Aoki Lake.

While feeling the beauty of nature on your skin, you can experience the essence of the sauna, which is “totonoi” – the feeling of refreshment and relaxation.

The cold-water bath is filled with pure water drawn from pristine sources, offering a refreshing sensation and pleasant touch.

Outdoor exposure is a unique pleasure in Hakuba Village, known for its relatively cool climate, allowing you to relax while breathing in fresh air.

Hakuba Village boasts numerous facilities where you can enjoy authentic saunas. From wood-fired saunas to tent saunas by the lakeside and private saunas in luxurious villas, you can experience various types of saunas.

Entering a sauna in Hakuba Village allows both your mind and body to refresh.

Top 5 Recommended Saunas in Hakuba Village

Hakuba Village Saunas From P

If you want to enjoy a sauna in Hakuba Village, the glamping facility “From P” with private saunas in dome-shaped tents is recommended. Here, you can experience both authentic Finnish saunas and Russian-style saunas.

Furthermore, the water bath is made from recycled soy sauce barrels that have been used since the Meiji era, filled with plenty of melted snow water from Hakuba.

Outdoor air baths can be enjoyed while admiring the magnificent scenery of the Japanese Alps. Self-aroma roll-on is also available.

From P has several buildings where you can experience saunas.

There are two types of tents available: a 7-meter diameter dome tent and a connect-type dome tent consisting of two connected dome tents.

Both are equipped with heating and cooling systems and are double-structured tents suitable for cold climates.

Three of the buildings have private Finnish saunas and water baths, while the remaining two buildings have a communal Russian-style sauna available for use.

Please check the facility’s website for more details.

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From P also offers glamping menus featuring local specialties from Nagano Prefecture.

With the beautiful nature of Hakuba Village, delicious meals, and sauna, you can experience the ultimate relaxation time.

From P is Hakuba Village’s first glamping facility with private sauna-equipped dome tents.

Please give it a try sometime.

Hakuba Zekkei Sauna rooftop

Hakuba Zekkei Sauna rooftop is a sauna that opened in January 2024.

Located on the rooftop of the Hakuba Highland Hotel, this is a private rental sauna facility where you can enjoy panoramic views of Hakuba’s streets and the mountains of the Northern Alps.

At Hakuba Zekkei Sauna rooftop, there is a sauna room equipped with a Finnish-style sauna stove and a Shigaraki pottery water bath, as well as a deck space with infinity chairs.

From the sauna room, you can enjoy views of the sunrise and sunset.

You can burn aroma oils in the sauna stove to enjoy their fragrance.

The water bath uses natural spring water drawn from the base of Mount Hakuba, providing a refreshing and invigorating experience.

After enjoying the sauna and dipping into the water bath, you can head to the deck area where you’ll find Infinity Chairs. Sitting on them, you can admire the breathtaking views while rejuvenating your mind and body.

Hakuba Zekkei Sauna rooftop is exclusively available for private rental, allowing you to spend time without any concerns about other visitors, enjoying your own private moments.


・Capacity is up to 5 people, and the pricing is based on a time-based rental system.

・Services include rental of sauna ponchos and bath towels, as well as access to the hot springs at Hakuba Highland Hotel after sauna use.

・Prior reservation and payment through the official website are required for use.

・Exclusive sauna bathing plans will be available for guests staying at Hakuba Highland Hotel.
※ For details, please check the official website of the hotel or online travel booking sites.

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shirouma sauna

Shiromas Sauna, located in Hakuba Village, is a wonderful facility where you can experience sauna while feeling the natural negative ions.

Here, in the sauna room heated by a wood stove,

The water bath uses well water. Although the temperature can drop to about 18°C,

the sensation is cold, making it very refreshing.

Moreover, the location is superb,

and you can enjoy the sauna while gazing at the mountains of Hakuba and the Happo-One ski resort.

Temperature control and self-administered loyly sessions can be done at your own pace, adding to the appeal of this sauna.

The staff are also very kind and make the experience comfortable.

When you visit Hakuba Village, be sure to stop by Shiromas Sauna.

It’s worth coming all the way to Hakuba just for this experience.

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Hakuba Sauna Noniin

Introducing “Noniin,” a new concept Finnish sauna located in Hakuba Village.

Noniin is a handmade sauna house nestled amidst the forests of Hakuba Misora-no,

Here, you can enjoy a lively sauna experience with friends in a mixed-gender setting.

After activities, let’s relax together.

The distinctive feature of Noniin is the löyly and cold water bath using natural water from Hakuba.

The natural water drawn from the well on the premises is gentle and refreshing on the skin.

In the löyly, water is poured over heated stones to generate steam.

In the cold water bath, immerse yourself in cold water to promote blood circulation.
These temperature contrasts enhance the effects of the sauna.

At Noniin, you can enjoy two types of saunas: one with a wood stove and the other with an electric stove.

The wood stove is a large sauna stove made by the domestic wood stove manufacturer “MOKI Manufacturing Co., Ltd.”
The flicker of the fire and the sound provide a soothing effect.

At the finest sauna facility, “Noniin,” experience falling asleep while enjoying the view and sounds of the surrounding trees.

When you visit Hakuba Village, be sure to stop by Noniin. With its characteristic Hakuba sauna, you can refresh both your mind and body.

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Le Sauna Villa Hakuba

Introducing a luxurious villa with a sauna in Hakuba Village.

Le Sauna Villa Hakuba, newly opened in February 2023, is a rental villa.

It’s conveniently located just a 2-minute drive from the Hakuba Happo-one Ski Resort, allowing you to enjoy private time while admiring the stunning views of the Northern Alps.

The charm of this villa lies primarily in the sauna and hot tub installed on the terrace.

Next to the sauna, there’s a jacuzzi available for showering and soaking in. After sweating it out in the sauna and taking a dip in the cold water bath, you can lounge on the outdoor sofas placed on the terrace for some fresh air therapy. Outdoor exposure not only enhances the sauna’s effects but also promotes overall relaxation of the mind and body.

From the terrace, you can enjoy panoramic views of the beautiful landscapes of Hakuba Village, nestled in the mountainous region of the Japanese Alps in Nagano Prefecture. In summer, lush greenery flourishes, while winter paints a picture of pure white hoarfrost.

No matter the season, Le Sauna Villa Hakuba stands amidst the enchanting forests of Wadanono, offering a tranquil retreat. The interior boasts a modern and stylish design, with fully equipped facilities including a kitchen and living room.

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For those seeking an extra dose of relaxation in their usual travels, considering a visit to a sauna facility or booking a cottage villa with a sauna might be worth considering.

Whether you’re someone who frequents saunas regularly or someone who doesn’t but is intrigued to try during a vacation, experiencing a sauna amidst the natural beauty of Hakuba Village offers a truly unique and exceptional relaxation experience.

Moreover, with the recent surge in sauna popularity, more people are considering purchasing villas with saunas.

In this blog, we share information about recommended spots and villas in Karuizawa and Hakuba Village.

Feel free to use this as a reference for your future relaxation endeavors.


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