【Hakuba Village】Top 5 Recommended Airbnb Stays for an Exquisite Experience

The Allure of Hakuba Village in Japan’s Alps

Nestled in Nagano Prefecture, Hakuba Village is renowned for its majestic natural beauty and world-class ski resorts. However, the charm of Hakuba extends beyond seasonal outdoor activities. Choosing the right accommodation is crucial for ensuring a comfortable and memorable stay in this picturesque village.

By using Airbnb, you can find accommodations that range from charming cottages to modern apartments, perfectly matching your ideal vacation. In this article, we will introduce some of the best Airbnb stays to make your trip to Hakuba Village unforgettable.

If you’re planning a stay in Hakuba, be sure to use this guide as a helpful resource.

Three Reasons Why Hakuba Village × Airbnb Travel is Unbeatable

Hakuba Village is renowned for its abundant nature and year-round activities. By utilizing Airbnb, you can fully savor the charm of this area. The cottages found on Airbnb offer a private and comfortable lodging experience, making you feel right at home. The Airbnb accommodations in Hakuba Village boast breathtaking mountain views and easy access to outdoor activities. Use this guide to find your ideal stay and enjoy your vacation in Hakuba Village.

1. Healing Space Surrounded by Nature

One of the standout features of Airbnb in Hakuba Village is the abundance of detached cottages and log houses set on spacious properties. Airbnb accommodations, located in forests or mountains, offer a quiet and private space to enjoy. In Hakuba Village’s Airbnb, you can spend your time however you like. At night, you can relax in the quiet of the forest and gaze at the starry sky.

The charm of every season can be experienced in a forest Airbnb.

🌸 In spring, be surrounded by cherry blossoms and fresh greenery.

🍉 In summer, enjoy the coolness while looking at blue skies and flower gardens.

🍠 In autumn, revel in the foliage and fruit picking.

⛄ In winter, indulge in snow scenery and skiing.

Moreover, with no neighbors around, you can have some noisy fun with friends or companions. There’s a unique way to enjoy that hotel stays just don’t offer—a special experience only possible with Airbnb.

2. Luxurious Stay at Affordable Prices

During winter, hotel and private lodging prices in Hakuba tend to fluctuate greatly due to seasonal demand. Particularly during the ski season and around New Year, accommodation costs soar. High-end hotels and resorts will be in high demand, leading to higher prices. However, budget-friendly inns and guesthouses are available, and areas slightly off the beaten path tend to have lower prices.

Airbnb doesn’t have service fees like hotels, providing a chance to stay in special cottages at a lower cost. During winter, private lodgings increase in demand, making them an attractive option for ski enthusiasts and winter outdoor lovers. Prices vary based on location and amenities, but generally, Airbnb offers more reasonable options compared to hotels. Choose accommodation according to your budget and make sure to book in advance. Although prices fluctuate with seasons, you’ll find plenty of options to enjoy a comfortable stay.

3. Unique Accommodation for a Special Experience

Hakuba Village offers a variety of unique accommodations such as rental cottages, log houses, and trailer houses. Choosing Airbnb over a hotel allows you to stay in unique accommodations and fully enjoy the natural charm of Hakuba Village. These Airbnb accommodations come highly recommended for fully savoring the beauty of Hakuba Village with well-equipped kitchens and BBQ setups, allowing for self-catering and BBQ parties. A terrace BBQ in private space offers an exquisite time that far surpasses the food court’s meals. Opt for a slightly more luxurious Airbnb and you might enjoy amenities like outdoor baths or saunas. Airbnb offers an unparalleled lodging experience that’s sure to create amazing memories.

In the latter part of this blog, we will introduce specific facilities and reservation methods, so stay tuned.

Top 5 Airbnb Spots in Hakuba Village

Hakuba Village offers diverse options for the perfect stay, thanks to its magnificent nature and popular winter ski resorts. Airbnb accommodates unique lodging experiences ranging from mountain-view log houses, cottages with cozy fireplaces, to modern apartments close to ski lifts, making it an appealing choice for travelers.

1. **Fuku Lodge** – Embrace the Warmth of Wood at This Exclusive Log House

   * “Fuku Lodge” in Hakuba offers a private log house where you can enjoy moments with family and friends, away from the city’s hustle and bustle. Located at the foot of the Northern Alps, it offers beautiful scenery from its windows, perfect for nature lovers. Though the lodge doesn’t have air conditioning, plenty of fans and air coolers are provided. The wooden log house stays cool in summer with windows open and fans running. Experience an eco-friendly lifestyle while enjoying Hakuba’s cool natural environment.

🎿 Ski Areas Just a 5-minute drive to五竜47, and a 10-minute drive to [address]. Alternatively, you can take a shuttle bus from the bus stop located just a 1-minute walk from [address].

🎁 Shopping: Just a 1-minute walk to shop. The Big Hakuba Store is about a 10-15 minute walk, and American Drug is about a 5-minute walk.

🍴 Restaurants: A 15-minute walk to Echo Land, where you’ll find a variety of restaurants, bars, and cafes.

2. **Hakuba, Kitaazumi District** – Cozy Chalet with Norway’s JOTUL Stove

   * This chalet in Hakuba, Kitaazumi District, features a Norwegian JOTUL wood stove and large windows for enjoying the view. With high-insulation full-air conditioning and natural wood furniture,

it offers comfort and luxury all year round. Its prime location includes scenic views and the soothing sounds of the river and birds. Nearby facilities such as JR station, high-speed bus stops, outdoor equipment shops, public baths, supermarkets, and drugstores add to its convenience.

here’s the translation:

■ JR Hakuba Station: 3 minutes by car / 10 minutes on foot
■ Highway bus stop Hakuba Town: 2 minutes by car / 6 minutes on foot
■ Snow Peak Land Station (Outdoor goods shop and café): 1 minute by car / 6 minutes on foot
■ THE NORTH FACE GRAVITY HAKUBA (Outdoor goods shop and café): 1 minute by car / 6 minutes on foot
■ Hakuba Happo Onsen Mimizukunoyu (Public bath): 1 minute by car / 6 minutes on foot
■ Happy A-Coop (Supermarket): 1 minute by car / 5 minutes on foot
■ Matsumoto Kiyoshi (Drugstore): 2 minutes by car / 6 minutes on foot

3. Hidden House 3 LDK Hinokuro Bath (Dec 2023)** – New Chalet with Cypress Semi-Outdoor Bath

   * Hidden House 3 LDK, newly built in December 2023, is enveloped in quiet nature. It’s within walking distance to Echo Land’s restaurants and bars, and close to shuttle bus stops for ski resorts.

With a wide balcony, a semi-outdoor Hinokuro bath, and high-end amenities like Wi-Fi and TV with streaming services, it offers a comfortable and unforgettable stay.

The facilities are also great!
👍 Equipped with Wi-Fi and a 55-inch high-definition TV.
(Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Hulu, Netflix, standard cable TV included)

👕 There is a washing machine (indoor) and
🚙 Free on-site parking for up to 3 cars.

4. **Shale in Hakuba, Kitaazumi District** – Lodge with Breathtaking Views and Half-Open Air Bath

   * Nestled in the picturesque valley, this lodge stands out with its scenic view, private half-open air bath, and proximity to local amenities like onsen and ski resorts.

The spacious rooms and unique thematic bedrooms add a cozy yet exclusive touch.

The transportation access is perfect!
The chalet’s location is excellent.

It’s a 5-minute drive to Kurashita Onsen and a 10-minute drive to the convenience store.

It also has great access to Happo and Iwatake ski resorts, making it ideal for those who enjoy skiing and snowboarding.

5. **Bluebird Apartments by The Hakuba Collection** – Luxury Condo with Panoramic View

   * Perfect for enjoying skiing and hot springs in Hakuba Village. Its large panoramic window offers a stunning view of hakuba, located in the popular Happo area. The condo is fully equipped with modern facilities and even an electric car charger. The independent units offer a private stay, complemented by convenient access to nearby ski lifts, onsens, restaurants, and more.

From the open living, dining, and kitchen area, you can enjoy the Hakuba scenery and sunlight through the large windows.

Relax on the large sofa and enjoy entertainment on the 55-inch OLED TV and Bose speakers.

The kitchen is equipped with a Miele oven microwave and dishwasher, along with various cooking utensils and tableware.

There are also BBQ facilities outside.

There are three bedrooms, with the option to configure two rooms as twin or king beds.

Bedroom 3 features two bunk beds that can comfortably accommodate adults.

Using the queen-size sofa bed in the living room, the chalet can accommodate up to 10 guests.

There are three bathrooms, each equipped with a sink, toilet, bathtub, and shower.

Each apartment is equipped with air conditioning and underfloor heating.

5 Tips to Avoid Mistakes When Staying at Airbnb

1. **Check the Location**

   * Hakuba Village is wide, and the access to spots like tourist attractions, restaurants, and supermarkets varies significantly based on location. Ensure you research the distance and travel time to and from your chosen place. Reliable transportation options like rental cars should also be considered.

2. **Check the Facilities**

   * Each Airbnb property offers different facilities and services. Ensure the property has what you need: beds, kitchens, bathrooms, air conditioning, Wi-Fi, washing machines, amenities, etc.

3. **Confirm the Usage Policies**

   * Airbnb properties have varying policies. It’s essential to understand check-in/check-out times, additional fees, pet and child accommodations, and rules on smoking, alcohol, and parties.

4. **Understand the Cancellation Policies**

   * Cancellation policies differ significantly among Airbnb listings. Know the terms for canceling a booking and the charges involved. If necessary, communicate with the host for clarification.

5. **Record Important Contacts**

   * Note the contact information of the property host and nearby hospitals or emergency services. Preparation is key for handling issues and emergencies efficiently.


Airbnb offers unique advantages over hotels. To enjoy Hakuba Village’s nature to the fullest, consider various Airbnb options. Our blog covers Hakuba’s hotels and hidden sightseeing spots, so check out our other articles for further insights. For those interested in buying vacation homes, renting out your property via Airbnb when you’re not staying, can help offset purchase costs. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.

This translation maintains the informative and inviting tone of the original content while emphasizing the unique benefits of staying at Airbnb properties in Hakuba Village.


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